What’s the big deal about internet traffic monitor softwares? Well, if you have a website that you want to “sell” to the internet public, they should be more important to you than your pet dog or CD collection (or even these two combined).

Now, if you’re currently thinking that monitoring traffic in the internet is something that’s stupid to do, you’re wrong. You can actually earn through the internet by having thousands (or more) online visitors a day and that’s because of internet traffic monitor.

Still not clear? Here’s an analogy to explain our point more: why do many people make online blogs? It’s because they want to spread their word (and product) to the world to be able to earn, right? And this is to earn not just internet fame but big bucks, as in, real BIG bucks. For your information, a blog can make you the richest man in the world if all thousands of your visitors clicked the advertisements in it. The same fate also awaits you if you have an online market website and all your visitors purchased your item.

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