Linux Internet Traffic Monitor.

We’re not surprised if you’re viewing this page right now because you’re using a Linux computer and you’re having difficulties searching for internet traffic monitoring programs to run with it. Linux Internet Traffic Monitor software is available. Well, we advice that you visit first Linux’s main tutorial website ( There’s a part of the tutorial that covers TCP/IP networking and system configuration basics. Linux network configuration, management, monitoring and system tools are also in the tutorial. Take the time to review all the contents of this tutorial, so that you won’t be having problems later on while using or installing a new traffic monitor software.

Servers designed for Linux

Servers designed for Linux (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After reading the tutorial, you may search for information on MZL & Novatech Traffic Statistics Linux Server This software, which is a freeware by the way (that’s why we largely recommend it), delivers network usage data for Linux gateways. What’s good about it is, it generates from libpcap IP data record files containing network usage information in bytes broken down by host and service with a minute precision.

Another useful internet traffic monitor for Linux is KTrafficAnalyzer. This software provides visual feedback of your current network traffic, similar to tools like DU-Meter. In addition, it provides statistics with total down and upload sums.