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For freelancers, it is not sufficient to just have a portfolio website any more. If you are a freelancer who is trying to gain recognition for your work, it is absolutely critical to optimize and monitor your website and Internet traffic monitoring are indispensable in this regard.

Internet Traffic Monitor
Through Internet traffic monitoring programs.

It is very easy to monitor website traffic statistics such as the number of unique visitors and total visitors, numbers of page views, most popular sections of the website and a great deal of other useful information, which can greatly boost any freelancer’s career if used wisely. Most of these Internet traffic monitoring programs are very user friendly and provide information in the form of easily interpretable reports. Some of the most popular tools are discussed below.

Google Analytics.

The first of the Internet traffic monitoring tools that will be discussed here is Google Analytics, which can rightly be considered as the SEO industry gold standard. It is extremely easy to set up and immediately starts to collect data right after it is implemented. Google Analytics will measure anything and everything related to Internet stat monitoring, and if you are just starting out with Internet traffic monitoring, this is the one you should definitely try out. AWStats provides you another free way to track stats on your server, even though it does not offer the breadth of information that Google Analytics is able to.

Traffic Monitor

Traffic Monitor

The biggest advantage.

using this particular Internet traffic monitoring program is that it is not only free, it is also included in most web hosting packages by default. Another fantastic way to track Internet traffic stats is Mint. Mint is not a free Internet traffic monitoring program, nor is it as easy to use as AWStats or Google Analytics, but it can easily be enhanced using widgets for even more detailed information. Mint is open-source so there are always new widgets available every now and then which you just need to install and use.


Clicky is one of the rare Internet traffic monitoring programs that offer real-time traffic monitoring information. It also packs with a sleek and user friendly interface that includes several great features.
The final Internet traffic monitoring software discussed here is Site Meter, which, like Clicky, also provides real-time tracking information. It also includes solid information regarding the IP addresses from which your site was accessed, what your visitor’s potential interests are and which part of the page received maximum clicks.

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